The Clinical Foundation Course is intended for doctors and medical students.
Exceptions can be made for other medical professions on demand.

Language knowledge

You will need to be able to read and understand the course texts in English and to clearly follow and understand the discussions in the courses and seminars. In the course of your studies it would be expected that you could also take an active part in discussions as well. On the traditional language proficiency scales a level of at least B2 would be expected.
We may consider offering a simultaneous translation into Spanish if we have many applicants who only speak Spanish.

How to apply?

For Application please fill in the online application form or send an Email to Petra Drammeh and attach the following documents:

  • chronological curriculum vitae
  • letter stating your motivation for applying to the Clinical Foundation Course
  • certified copies of degrees and diplomas in English
  • photo

Please note: Depending on the country, it may be necessary to get a visa beforehand in your own country. Under some circumstances it may take several months to arrange this. We can write a letter of invitation if needed.

Kind words from our alumnis

"I am returning to my university exam preparation with renewed strength and enthusiasm"

"Man, know thyself - this course taught me how to approach this delphic maxim in a way that involves both heart and brain."

"It was so much more than anthroposophy and medicine in theory - I could experience it, live it. It was extremely motivating for the future."

"It was very valuable to experience that there are ways of learning through which you can learn a lot and thereby be enlivened in such a way that what you learn reaches deeper layers of your being."

"There are courses that enrich the rest of your life, where you meet people with whom you feel connected and share the same enthusiasm for becoming more human and a better doctor."